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Effects of Digital Transformation: Developing vs. Developed Economies
Yayın Tarihi: 02.04.2019

International Economy Conference on

Effects of Digital Transformation: Developing vs. Developed Economies

19 April 2019



18 April          Thursday

Arriving at Levent Avantgarde Hotel

19 April          Friday

10:15               Meet with the Altınbaş University representative at the lobby       

10:30-13:00    Meeting and Lunch with the Vice President Prof. Dr. Emre ALKIN        

13:00               Opening Remarks

13:15-14:15    First Session: Opportunities in Developing Economies

                            Moderator: Prof. Dr. Emre ALKIN, Altinbas University

                          Speakers: Prof. Dr. Mouez SOUSSI, Carthage University, “IT and Opportunities in Developing Countries: The Case of Tunisia”

                            Prof. Dr. Bashir AHMAD, Bahria University, “Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Measurement through Social Dimensions and Index of Happiness”

                         Venue: Conference Hall -2nd Floor

14:15-14:30   Short Break

14:30-15:30   Second Session: Case Studies in Developed Countries & Turkey

                        Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ahmet HAN, Altinbas University

                        Speakers:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehtap ALDOGAN EKLUND, Ostfold College, “Firm Risk, CEO Compensation, and ESG Scores: Evidence in Switzerland”

                           Dr. Banu ERKOK, Türk Eximbank,The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Turkey’s Export Performance”

                        Venue: Conference Hall -2nd Floor

15:30-16:00   Coffee-break

16:00-17:00   Third Session: Geopolitical Challenges vs. Opportunities

                        Moderator: Prof. Dr. Çağrı ERHAN, Altinbas University

                        Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aylin UNVER NOI, İstinye University, “Digital Transformation, Changes in Liberal International Economic Order and Geopolitical Opportunities for Turkey”

                          Dr. Alessandro QUARENGHI, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, “The reshaping of the international order, digitalization, and the emergence of new governance regimes”

                        Venue: Conference Hall -2nd Floor

17:30-18:30  Meeting with Altinbas University Erasmus Coordinator Mrs. Burcu Atalay Emre

                        Venue: Meeting Hall 10th Floor                                                     

19:00              Dinner at Avantgarde Hotel Restaurant                                         

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